Franco regime: A Dictatorship that has led to oppression of Catalonia region
This paper is the sum accomplishment of experience in the course of International Studies. To ensure the quality of this paper and fullness of experience in writing them, three requirements are key:
1) The topic must be mutually agreed upon by student and instructor.
2) This research paper is expected to draw on relevant theoretical literature. The literature used to frame the topic can be from one discipline, multiple disciplines, or cross-disciplinary in nature. The thesis will reflect the topic situated into the broader literature employed.
3) Quality research paper needs to be based on primary and/or secondary sources. As such, they may draw on work the student undertook while abroad or in an internship and they will draw on a particular academic literatures. Internet sources (that are not an online version of an academic article, chapter, or book) should be approached with great caution and students must work to differentiate the validity of the source. (I studied in Spain one semester and while I was visiting to Barcelona in October 19th 2019, I witnessed Catalan independence movement protest which quickly got my attention. Especially, police brutality and Spanish government oppression reminded me of horror of Franco’s dictatorship which lasted for four decades. We can tie/mention this occasion in the research paper).
All articles and journals need to be peer reviewed. I will suggest to use Jstor. Encyclopedias and dictionaries are not to be considered sources for research papers. We use Turabian, Kate L. A manual for Writers of Research Papers Theses, and Dissertations, Ninth Edition: Chicago style for Students and Researchers.
I have my version of research question which I still waiting for feedback from instructor. I’m not really confident on my research question and thesis. We have to work on this one before moving into other details of the paper.
Research Question: I am researching if Franco’s dictatorship still influencing Spanish regional government that has led to Catalan’s independence movement, specifically focus on historical background in the past how it relates to current situation to find out what other factors impacted to oppress regions through legislation. (My instructor said that it’s vague and easily can be answered Yes/No question, so need to be elaborated and need to form unique and specific research question.
Thesis: Although four decades after the end of Franco’s dictatorship, his regime has had a lasting impact on how Spain controls and governs Catalan region which has fought for their autonomy while experiencing massive political oppression by Spanish national government. (Thesis need to be argued more specific and address specifically what I will study that related to Catalan “nationalism” and independence.
1) Introduction/research question
2) Methodology
3) Main argument
4) Franco’s dictatorship in the past
5) Spain’s transition to democracy / (I’m trying to state that Spanish Constitution that was in 1978 states that one no other regions can be apart from the unity of Spanish nation…. need to cite and look up)
6) Franco’s influences on Catalan Independence movement today. (need to tie that current relationship and current movements to the Franco’s regime)
7) Catalan referendum and why they want to be separated from Spain?
8) Opposing argument side if any
9) Conclusion
PS: We can change the structure too if you have better idea.
I prefer to have someone whose expertise in international studies or history.


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