What challenges exist for the metropolitan area regarding CIP? Explain your response.

You are the critical infrastructure protection (CIP) specialist in the plans directorate of a public safety organization in one of the 100 largest metropolitan statistical areas in the United States.
Based on the total number of Critical Infrastructure (CI) in your jurisdiction (national, state, county, and local), you have been tasked by the director of public safety to develop some courses of action to inform a recommendation regarding the use of available resources for protection of CI.
The director understands the complexities associated with the many contributing factors and realizes that there will always exist a shortfall or deficiency between essential tasks and available resources. The director also understands there will never be one solution that captures everything that needs to be considered and accomplished. The director will make the final decision based on your assessment.
Keep the following in mind as you work on this assignment:
You should base your recommendations by completing a risk analysis using the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA)-approved risk analysis table (introduced in Phase 3), the National Planning Scenarios, and the Joint National Priorities for Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience.
This is a draft formal report.
Assignment Guidelines
Complete the following for this assignment:
Select a metropolitan area in the United States that you plan to analyze for this assignment. Because this project is a preparation for the Phase 5 Group Project, coordination is required with your small group to determine and select an appropriate metropolitan area.
Address the following in 3-4 pages:
What are 5–10 of the most significant CI assets that exist within your metropolitan area? Explain in detail.
Select 2 CI assets from your list above, and conduct a risk analysis on each using the National Planning Scenarios. Coordinate with your small group teammates to avoid duplication of effort in the Group Project during Phase 5.
What are the most important resources that the metropolitan area has available for the protection of its CI? Explain in detail.
For each of the selected CI, provide a detailed recommendation of how you would use the available resources to protect these CI.
This should be the majority of your submission.
What challenges exist for the metropolitan area regarding CIP? Explain your response.
How will these challenges be overcome? Explain in detail.
Provide recommendations and justification of those recommendations to the director.
Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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