An Arab American family entered a human services office seeking services, including food, housing, and counseling for their family. After completing the necessary paperwork, the Arab American father explained to the intake worker that the family has encountered biases in the United States, and because of this treatment they were anxious about coming to the office to obtain assistance for the family. While waiting to be assisted by the assigned human services case worker, the family noticed the majority of the other families waiting to be assi

Assignment Instructions BIAS AND TOLERANCE Understanding and teaching tolerance can help prevent anger and grief from escalating into bias and stereotyping in the classroom and elsewhere in society. For example, the historical events of 9/11 led to widespread anger and…

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Department of Social Work

Department of Social Work Guidelines for Personal Statement Your statement is meant to help us understand who you are and your readiness and capacity for graduate education in social work. We are also interested in your thoughts about the possible…

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