Please select ONE topic from the following and write a two-three page essay. You

Please select ONE topic from the following and write a two-three page essay. Your essay must be double-spaced, MS Word or equivalent (submit essays as PDF, Doc, or Docx), with one-inch margins.  Include your name and date on each paper. A bibliography or reference page is required.   The Essay Question is due June 27, 2024.  Submit your essay to the Turn-it-In dropbox on  the Canvas webpage for the class.
Your essay will be graded for accuracy and fullness of content, along with punctuation, grammar, spelling, and sentence and paragraph structure.  You may use your notes, textbook, or other reference sources.
A document titled “How to write a paper for Physical Geography” has been uploaded to assist you in writing your essays, preparing your reference page, and general formatting of the essay.
(1) A city located near a large body of water will generally have a milder climate than a city located inland.  Describe the factors that account for this difference.  Include in your discussion: heat exchange processes, water-land interactions, mixing of solar energy and water, possible pressure system interactions, and any other process(es) directly related to this climatic difference.
(2) Describe the development of Santa Ana Winds in southern California. Include in your discussion: pressure systems, wind directions, obstacles, heating and desiccating sources, and all climatic and topographic factors affecting the development of these winds.
(3) Name and define one the Greenhouse Gases.  Include in your discussion: sources, both natural and human-induced sources, which gases are increasing and why, and possible environmental consequences relating to the increase in quantity of the gases in the atmosphere. 
(4) Define and describe Global Warming and Climate Change.  What are the driving forces behind today’s global warming?  How is it measured? What are the possible consequences scientists are predicting as a result of long-term climate change and global warming?
(5) Describe the role of ozone in the atmosphere. Include in your discussion,  the continual reduction of ozone in the atmosphere (sources, causes), why a decrease in the amount of ozone in the stratosphere is important, and describe some of the effects that a decrease in ozone concentration may have.
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