Think critically think about the key ideas, and concepts that are covered in the

Think critically think about the key ideas, and concepts that are covered in the Crossing the Wire text and in Chapter 11 of the Cultural Diversity text when writing your essay.
Assignment: Discuss the following questions in your reflection
Latino families traditionally have a hierarchical structure with clear expectations for each member of the family. In the book, Crossing the Wire Victor, Rico, and others like them in Mexico feel they have no choice except to go to the United States to work.
• Identify and discuss the pros and cons that encourage these young men to make their decision.
• Discuss other options they might have.
• How does the immigration experience change the Latino family structure?
Hispanic families traditionally prioritize family needs over individual needs, the experience of living in the U.S. erodes traditional family values—reducing familism and increasing individualism
• How does this shift influence service delivery when working with Latino/a immigrant families?
Format and Layout:
• Essays should be 1-1 1/2 pages in length, doubled spaced, with 1 inch margins. Typeface should be no larger than size 12 Times New Roman font.
Use of scholarly sources:
• You will need to relate your reflections to at least:
o (1) citation from the Crossing the Wire novel and
o (1) citation from the Diller, Cultural Diversity textbook.
Citations and references:
• Lengthy direct quotations are not acceptable. You should paraphrase the author’s ideas in your own words.
• All references should be cited parenthetically in the text and included on your
reference page according to ASA or APA style guidelines.