Scientific research on human development shapes public opinion and public policy

Scientific research on human development shapes public opinion and public policy. It provides support for editorial articles; it is cited by lawyers petitioning the Supreme Court; and it is the basis for policy decisions that influence the distribution of funds to educational and social programs. Political considerations often play the biggest role in policy decision, but opinion makers and policy makers lend credibility to their arguments by citing social science research.
Therefore, when we look at a news article or a policy statement we first check on the social science research the authors use to support their claims. Next, we evaluate the research they are citing to see if it supports the claims they are making (whether it is valid and reliable).
Your task for this written assignment is the following:
From the TWO of the journal articles listed below. Each one evaluates, with collected research data, an anti-bullying program which is currently implemented or has been implemented in schools.
Briefly and succinctly describe how each program works.
Briefly and succinctly describe scientific evidence in each article that supports or critiques the program.
Provide a brief critical analysis of each program.
Decide which program you feel is more effective. Provide a conclusion (compare and contrast the scientific evidence). You must choose one program.
Be sure to include in-text citations in APA style and list each chosen article in your Reference List in APA format.