Appraise organizational investments to maximize returns and minimize risk.


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You work at Johnson & Johnson in the Accounting & Finance Department. You recently got promoted to CFO. Upon stepping into your new role, you have decided to clean your new office and remove what is not needed. You come across a financial proposal that the previous CFO was working on to purchase or merge with Bayer Pharmaceuticals. You know this is your major competitor which makes you wonder if the old CFO may have been on to the next profitable move. You decide to look at Johnson & Johnson’s current portfolio to decide if this would be an investment that would maximize the company’s returns and minimize the company’s portfolio risk even more.

Using Microsoft Word, create a portfolio analysis that addresses the following:

Explain how current investments have made Johnson and Johnson successful
Analyze Johnson & Johnson’s portfolio as a whole to include price-to-earnings ratio, dividend yield, and earnings per share compared against a major stock market index.
Critique each industry holding as a stand alone
Evaluate Johnson and Johnson’s risk level from their current Beta.

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