BA1273: Conduct competitor analysis for benchmarking and competitive comparison: Accounting Analytics Report, SP


This CA – Project provides an opportunity for students to apply their business analytics skills to build an enterprise dashboard using Tableau.

Learning Outcomes

Students are expected to demonstrate their ability to:

Build an Enterprise Dashboard.
Apply their skills in using Tableau.
Present data analysis and findings.

Project Background

You are a group of interns attached to a company listed on SGX. Your supervisor has tasked your group to deliver an Enterprise Dashboard for the company.

Learning Expectations

Each project group consists of 4 to 6 students. Each class will have 4 project groups.
Each group will choose one company and one competitor listed on SGX within the same industry sector.
Students are to make early arrangement for consultation sessions with their Tutor for discussions and updates on their project work.
Students are expected to perform some research through newspaper or any recent articles, to demonstrate a good understanding of the current economic situation about the chosen company, its competitor and the industry sector.
Students are expected to allocate the work to be done by each member and inform the Tutor.

Enterprise Dashboard Requirements

The Enterprise Dashboard should demonstrate the following:

Ability to allow users:

i. To analyse past data to show past business performance.

ii. To conduct competitor analysis for benchmarking and competitive
iii. To analyse key trends to help management in planning long‐term targets and directions.

The data must be of the most recent 4 years from ONLY the SGX website.
The data can be extracted through the company annual report
The dashboard must include financial analysis. Non-financial analysis is optional.
Financial Analysis would include the following examples:
o Balance sheet
o Income statement
o Cash flow
o Financial Ratios
o Forecasted Revenues
Foreign currencies have to be converted to Singapore Dollar at the prevailing
exchange rate using or any other suitable website.
Students may also refer to the Financial Ratio Reference Sheet (Annex B) for a non‐ exhaustive list of financial ratios to help develop the Dashboard.
Depending on respective industries, Non‐Financial Analysis (optional) would include the following examples:

i. Shareholders analysis

ii. Social Corporate Responsibility
iii. Environmental and Social Performance indicators.
(Non-Financial data can be sourced from any search on the internet) Presentation Requirements
• Present and demonstrate the results of the dashboard analysis.
• Explain how the dashboard has helped the Company to achieve their goals and benchmark against the Company’s competitor.
• Identify key insights and recommendations.

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