Introduction: Communication is a key skill used by nurses to engage with the individuals and their families across a variety of professional settings. As individuals we engage in communication with others across a variety of forums: face to face using both verbal and non-verbal communications, using our phones to call, text and send messages via… Continue reading Communication

coaching and mentoring in healthcare practice

Submission Front Sheet Assignment Code: ABRQF881HSC32AA Programme: BTEC Higher National Diploma in Healthcare Practice Unit Title and Number: Team and Individual Leadership: Mentoring & Coaching Others (Unit)……………………………… (Unit 32) RQF Level and Credit value: 5: 15 credits Assignment Title: The effectiveness of relevant theories and principles of team and individual leadership, coaching and mentoring in… Continue reading coaching and mentoring in healthcare practice

worthwhile to use citations that are relevant

12:03 I ) X 22/23 A – Constructio… (Dirsework 1 – Discussion Topic (Contracts) (CW1 Button, on your lefirci’ou can then click on your group number (e.g., ‘CW1 – DT: Group 1’), and then Create, or Respond to, a Thread. Note: it would be worthwhile to use citations that are relevant, credible and authoritative (including… Continue reading worthwhile to use citations that are relevant

Digital health

WEEK 5 Digital health aims to advance the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care through the design of technologies and systems that support the practitioner- patient interface across the range of health care services and encounters. Electronic health records, telehealth and M-health are examples. In Australia, the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA), through its… Continue reading Digital health

Electronic health records

WEEK 6 and 7 1. Electronic health records and My Health Record • Introduction A rapidly evolving digital health platform supported by the Australian Digital Health Strategy has seen emergence of multiple opportunities for digital health innovation. Student nurses and registered nurses alike must continue to build their knowledge and capabilities in digital technology to… Continue reading Electronic health records

Work Placement Learning Plan

Work Placement Learning Plan (cont.) Development Goals (Developmental goals relate to desired growth in personal and professional capabilities as demonstrated by behaviours reflecting improved attitudes, attributes, skills and knowledge. However, in order to achieve your goals, it must involve establishing specific, measurable, realistic and time-targeted objectives. Provide details on what actions you plan to undertake… Continue reading Work Placement Learning Plan

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