Consider some of the scientific and technological advancements of our day: artif

Consider some of the scientific and technological advancements of our day: artificial intelligence, designer babies, genetically engineering, geoengineering, to name a few. Then consider some of the “lessons” from Frankenstein: humans should not play God, humans should not breach nature’s laws, humans should not unleash uncontrollable forces, scientific advancements should be pursued in collaboration with other humans who function as ethical checks on progress.
Write a research-based argument in which you examine both the benefits and potential drawbacks of one or more current-day scientific or technological advancements. Then suggest how you think reading and understanding the themes presented of Frankenstein can help stakeholders make more informed decisions about the pursuit of such advancements.
STRUCTURE: Your essay should assert a central thesis and then feature at least two sections. Each section should have a clear mini-thesis that is supported with at least two body paragraphs. The sections should be connected using one of these techniques (or a technique of your own invention!).
– INTEGRATION & CITATIONS: Integrate Shelley’s text and your other sources using direct quotes and paraphrases. Introduce each of your sources with an attributive tag; if you choose to use the same source later on in your essay, use a signal phrase. Direct quotes should be no longer than 2 lines
SOURCES: Support your argument using at least seven sources, three of which need to be a scholarly source that is at least five pages long: Sample 1 | Sample 2. Avoid popular sources that contain ads. You should also cite Shelley’s Frankenstein at least twice. Please note that Frankenstein does not count as one of your seven sources (it is considered the primary text in this writing situation).
RHETORIC & AUDIENCE: Your essay should feature appeals to logos (you can achieve this by using strong evidence to support your topic sentences), ethos (you can achieve this by adding attributive tags that indicate why the source is credible), and pathos (adding description is a great way to achieve this). Other ideas on how to incorporate the three classic appeals are listed on this document.
LANGUAGE & STYLE: This essay should be written with an academic audience in mind. Formal language and academic/MLA conventions should be used throughout.

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