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Business Plans are used extensively in teaching business. The case study research strategy provides the opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of an organization or event—data can be collected from multiple sources (for example, company websites, interviews, or published articles).

In this project you will select, develop, and analyze an in-depth business plan for a brand new sole proprietorship business. The purpose of this project is to utilize concepts to create a business plan of a new organization of your choosing. The Course Project will build on the skills developed by your studies in business.

The Course Project provides an opportunity for you to practice and apply specific strategic management skills learned in this course. The knowledge learned will help you to further your professional or personal goals. The project is divided in three parts. Every week you are encouraged to complete a section of your Course Project. Part 1 is due in Week 3; Part 2 is due in Week 5 and Part 3 is due in Week 8. Each part should be an APA Microsoft Word document that uses the outlines here as headings for each Part.

Choose a company that is new and can be a sole proprietorship in your own local neighborhood. This will be a business you can start with minimal capital and the intent is to own and operate it indefinitely so selling the business is not a consideration.

Here is a list of business types you may choose from. If you want to do some other business, be sure to get permission from your professor first. The business must be a local service. It may not be selling a specific product or an app of any sort except as an add on or support of the business. These may not be franchises but new small businesses and brands only.

  • Food Truck
  • Food Delivery Service
  • Coffee Shop
  • Sandwich Shop
  • Art Gallery
  • Pet Store
  • Small Restaurant
  • Landscaping and Lawn Service
  • Custom T-shirts
  • Language Lessons
  • Homemade Chocolate and Candy
  • House Cleaning
  • Small Jewelry Store
  • Homemade Chocolate and Candy Store
  • Ride Sharing Service
  • Pet Boarding and Day Care Facility
  • Day Care for Kids Facility
  • Handyman Service
  • Garage Door Installation
  • Pet Grooming Shop
  • Donut/Bagel Shop
  • Junk Disposal Service
  • Ice Cream Store.

Course Project Part 1 (140 points, Due Week 3)

  • Cover page
  • Table of contents
  • Section A: Business Concept
  • Section B: Industry Analysis
  • Section C: Regulation and Legal Review
  • Section D: Competitive Analysis

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