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the post should contribute to unique perspectives or insights gleaned from personal experience or examples from the healthcare field. Must completely answer the entire initial question. Must provide support from a minimum of two scholarly in-text citation with a matching reference. A scholarly resource is one that comes from a professional, peer-reviewed publication. Contains references for sources cited. Written by a professional or scholar in the field and indicates credentials of the author(s). Is no more than 5 years old for clinical or research article. focus on caring and reflective practice in contemporary nursing. 

provide a definition of what person-centred care means to you. Describe how you will apply principles holistic nursing, cultural humility, and self-reflection in your future role as a nurse practitioner.

Please present information using clear and concise language in an organized manner (0–1 error in English grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation

Provide 2 paragraphs, references, and write as if you are having a conversation.

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