discussion 8 – Write My Paper Today

Based on this week’s topic and previous readings, for this discussion, you will be creating a therapeutic contract for your use in your private psychotherapy practice. Review Dr. Kolme’s social media policy at  http://drkkolmes.com/social-media-policy/ to learn about what to include in your therapeutic contract.  

Imagine you are setting up a private practice and will also be providing teletherapy. Draft a 1-2 page informed consent (therapeutic contract) that you could use in your practice. It should cover the following:
1. Confidentiality & its limits
2. A statement about your digital practice & list the limits about types of online contact with you (including social media)
3. Add a statement about the security of online communication such as emails, texts etc.
4. Your fee and your session cancellation policy 

For a sample, you can review  Dr. Kolmes’s policy.  Though it is very detailed, draw on the parts I am asking you to cover. Do NOT copy word to word,
but make it your own (she is more comprehensive than I’m asking you to draft).  

Please post your consent form directly as a post & not as an attachment. Thanks!

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