Discussion Board #2 part 2 – Write My Paper Today

In this second part of our discussion board I would like you to start by reading the posts by your classmates to Discussion Board Part 1 summarizing each of the theories. I would like you to write around 250-300 words here where you answer the following: Imagine a new state just formed and the president/prime minister/dictator/ruler came to you and said “now that you’ve take a few weeks of International Relations I want you to tell me which of these three systems I should implement for the greatest success for my country”. Which would you recommend and why? How are you defining “success” in this case? Why would you not choose the other two?

You can earn up to 20 points based on your use of evidence, persuasiveness of your argumentation, usage of correct grammar/writing style, and especially demonstration that you’ve read your classmates responses to the previous discussion board.

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