Format of the Test

I. Format of the Test
The final for this course will consist of the following:
a. Multiple choice section (12 questions – 10 points each)
b. true-false (13 questions – 10 points each)
II. Table of Cases for the Final
Teacher Rights
Pickering v. Board of Education of Township High School District 205 1968
Mount Healthy City School District Board of Education v. Doyle 1977
Fowler v. Board of Education of Lincoln County 1987, 6th Circuit

East Hartford Education Association v. Board of Educ. East Hartford 1977, (2nd Circuit)
Title VII
Bostock v. Clayton County, GA (2020)
Plessy v. Ferguson 1896
McLaurin v. Oklahoma State Regents 1950
Sweatt v. Painter 1950
Brown v. BOE, Topeka (Brown I & II) 1954, 1955
Board of Education OKC v. Dowell (1990)
Green v. New Kent County (Va.) Board of Education 1968
Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg BOE 1971
Milliken v. Bradley (Milliken I) 1974 Tort Law
Broward County v. Ruiz 1986
Franklin v. Gwinnett County 1992
Davis v. Monroe County 1996
III. Concepts
Teacher termination
Title VII
Mixed motive analysis
De jure segregation
De facto segregation
Green Standards
Intentional tort
Tort of negligence/defenses
Textbook chapters: 6, 8-10. 12

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