HBC201: Studies have suggested that people suffering from depressive disorders tend to seek support from their families: Research Methods for the Social and Behavioural Sciences Assignment, SUSS


Studies have suggested that people suffering from depressive disorders tend to seek support from their families and friends first, rather than go for professional assistance directly. The reactions of families and friends may influence the subsequent help-seeking behaviors of individuals with depressive disorders.

A recent study investigated the stigma that young people with depression in Singapore might perceive among their families and friends, and how that may influence the help-seeking behaviors of these individuals.

Read the following article for more information about the study (you can access the article via SUSS library).

Samari, E., Teh, W.L., Roystonn, K., Devi, F., Cetty, L., Shahwan, S., & Subramaniam, M. (2022). Perceived mental illness stigma among family and friends of young people with depression and its role in help-seeking: A qualitative inquiry. BMC Psychiatry, 22(107).

Analyse the given study and critique the research methodology it adopted. Apply relevant concepts and information from course materials, the given article, and additional research to answer the following questions.

(a) Comparing qualitative versus quantitative methods as follows:

Examine at least TWO possible reasons why the researchers chose to use a
the qualitative method in this study.

Suppose other researchers would like to conduct a survey study instead to
investigate the same topic. Examine at least TWO advantages of using a
quantitative method instead.

(b) The researchers have discussed implications of the given study in their article. Suppose the researchers have designed an educational program to improve mental health literacy for university students in Singapore, as a follow-up to the given study.

Propose an experimental design to evaluate whether this educational program
effectively improves university students’ mental health literacy in Singapore.

Discuss what dependent variable and independent variable should be in the
proposed experimental design. Also, discuss at least one control variable that you plan to include in studying the effectiveness of this program.

Describe how you will design this experiment. Focus your discussion on the type and elements of your chosen experimental design only. It is not necessary to discuss other considerations (such as sampling).

(c) Discuss TWO characteristics of sampling in qualitative research that are different from sampling in quantitative research in the context of the given study.

Optional component

For this part, you can choose to complete either Option 1 or Option 2, and earn up to 5 bonus marks. Alternatively, you can choose not to complete either optional component and forgo the 5 extra marks for TMA02. You should not complete both components, as marks will only be awarded for one optional component (i.e., you can only earn a maximum of 5 bonus marks).

Option 1: Research Participation

Experience in research studies and experiments forms an essential component of many introductory research methods courses. Undergraduates often gain their first rudimentary experience of what social science research involves by acting as participants in experiments or as respondents of surveys.

Such research participation experiences enable students to gain a better understanding of a research study from the perspective of a participant, as well as acquire some research experience. This helps students to gain greater understanding and insight of what is entailed in designing a social science research study, which would help them to design and conduct their own experiments and surveys. Furthermore, they can acquire a broader understanding of how social science research develops and advances.

For this component, you will receive an extra five marks in TMA02 if you participate in and complete the research study “Prosocial behaviour and well-being in Singapore”. Please refer to the recruitment advertisement for this study posted in the Canvas L-group for more details.

Enter your tutorial group and SUSS student PI number at the end of the survey, in the provided fields.

Your student PI number will not be linked to your survey responses. It is being
collected purely for the purpose of awarding you your TMA marks for research
participation. Please be assured that all information will be kept strictly confidential.

Please note that your responses will NOT be associated with your student PI or any other identifying information. That is, all your responses will be anonymous.

As in any study, your participation is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time with no penalty (although you will not receive the marks for the study).

This study consists of 2 parts (spaced one week apart). To earn the full marks for the study:

(a) You must complete both parts of the study.

(b) You must start on the first part before/by 29 August 2022, and complete the second part by 06 September 2022.

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