how would you engage Sam and his family?

Read Case Example 16.2 on page 298, then answer the following questions:

Case Example 16.2
Sam is 3 years old and was born with cerebral palsy. He struggles with gross and fine motor functions, balance, and coordination. Sam has some difficulty swallowing and feeding himself. Sam has showed signs of speech impairment. His parents early intervention and therapies to help him, but are nervous about the preschool program and what he should do when he enrolls in it, as well what to do when he comes home from preschool. They explain that the early diagnosis has helped their family qualify for government benefit programs to pay for care, but worry that it is not enough.

1) As the social worker at the preschool program, how would you engage Sam and his family?

2) Sam’s parents are concerned about how to help him when he gets home at night after preschool. How would you work with them to assess their needs?

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