HR9610: This essay uses Haidilao hot pot as an evaluation enterprise from a contemporary perspective and the relevant theme chosen is identity: Critical Organization Analysis Essay, NU


This essay uses Haidilao hot pot as an evaluation enterprise from a contemporary perspective and the relevant theme chosen is identity. The reason for choosing Haidilao is because of its diversity and great potential. Every decision made by the leaders of the group has a significant impact on the future development of the company. According to Brand Finance’s report, Haidilao was the fastest-growing Brand in 2020, jumping from 15th to 9th place, the only Chinese Brand in the top 25 and ranking between Starbucks, McDonald’s, and KFC. With an immaculate dining experience and huge expansion plans, it serves more than 100 million customers annually.(Minnie,2021)

Founded in 1994 by Zhang Yong, Haidilao is a Chinese hot pot catering company. It is the largest chain of hot pot restaurants in China and is known for its excellent service. As of 2020, Haidilao has opened 1,400 restaurants worldwide, including 1,240 in mainland China, and more than 60 in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Japan, and the United States, with annual revenue of 10.637 billion yuan in 2017. The company’s business covers science and technology research and development, human resources training, food supply chain management, and seeks profit growth through different channels to build Haidilao into a diversified enterprise.

As the change of times and the development of science and technology rapidly. Many businesses are also in flux, and even the most solid knowledge can seem outdated within a few years. This essay will analyze the organizational problem from different theoretical perspectives. Through the deconstruction of organization, in order to explore their potential for change and possible alternatives to the organization. To question truths, certainties, habits, and practices through criticism. This will create an atmosphere of creativity to think beyond what everyone already knows, to think differently, and look at the organization from different and unfamiliar perspectives. Through the analysis to study the sustainability of the enterprise.

A theoretical perspective is defined by the similarity of the ways in which a group of theorists working within a field of study define their concepts and use them to theorize about phenomena of interest to them. Theories are linked by similar underlying assumptions, logic, and vocabulary. This may contribute to a better understanding and management of organizational complexity. Become more aware of the assumptions behind theory and practice and why things are done. Different perspectives influence the starting point of thinking and the way in which questions are framed.

they are three perspectives prevalent in organization theory which are modern perspectives, Symbolic perspectives, and postmodern perspectives.

The modern perspective is defined as being able to gather knowledge through the senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. The main purpose is to focus on objective knowledge and the elimination of prejudice. The organization has clear external or internal limits and uses quantitative methods to achieve standardized procedures. The modern perspective of the organization is rational, Positivist, seeking general laws, and achieving an efficient organizational structure formulation by emphasizing routine, standardization, rules, and structure.

The symbolic interpretation perspective is defined as more focused on subjective knowledge, which is more prone to bias and difficult to replicate by others because it is difficult to measure knowledge through the five senses, such as personal experience and emotion. Symbolists are characterized as anti-positivist, seeking perspective, and reflexivity. Care about Explanations of how an organization works and tend to understand organizational culture through values, and assumptions. They are good at defining reality through the emotions and feelings that come with what they experience. This allows for more effective integration into multiculturalism outside the organization as they focus on meaning and understanding.

What differentiates postmodernism from the other two perspectives is its unwillingness to seek truth and make permanent ontological or epistemological commitments, such as those scientific endeavors or symbolic interpretations of meaning that lead to forms of modernism The description and commitment of human meaning-making activities. From other perspectives, postmodernists seem to shuttle between philosophical positions. They often refuse to take even a temporary philosophical position because they believe that doing so would put some forms of knowledge above others, in violation of postmodern ethics. (Hatch 2006). While modernist philosophers have raised doubts in a way that ultimately supports knowledge claims, postmodernists have surfaced, criticizing the unchallenged assumptions of modernist methods and rejecting the pursuit of objectivity and certainty in knowledge and reason. Miller (2009).

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