I. Format: a) No cover page, single spaced b) Informative title (a global issue,

I. Format:
a) No cover page, single spaced
b) Informative title (a global issue, behavior/design recommendation), Subheadings, Reference Section
c) Appears to be in intelligible English (full sentences, appropriate word use, few spelling and grammar errors)
II. Content:
a) Introduction: Rationale for project/objects choice, main claim (global issue, ethical responsibility).
b) Theories/Concepts (possibly from class)
c) Existing Studies: case studies, statistics, correlation studies, experimental studies.
d) Original data (Optional): Your own data e.g. interview, survey, naturalistic or phenomenological observation
e) Conclusion: Synthesizes findings, addresses behavioral/design recommendations, how it may improve lives, make the world a better place.
III. Sourcing:
a) In Text: Sources referenced in APA style.
b) In Reference Section: Source info referenced in APA style, Scholarly sources
c) Matching of Text and Reference section:
IV. Global: Interesting to read
Book: The Last Boy in the Woods.
This was my porposal:
Project Proposal
I. Specific Title (specific object- e.g. an everyday item)
Childhood: Nature, Connections and Mental Health
II. Specific Points to be addressed
I believe that children mental health should be a priority because kids are the future. Kids need a guides to help them to understand what it’s worng and what it’s right. Louv depicts an alternate future wherein parents assist their children get a deeper understanding of the world while still experiencing the pleasure of family connection. Nowadays, population teaches children to reject meaningful contact with nature. That lesson is taught in schools, homes, or even outside groups, and it is written into the legal frameworks of almost all of our societies.
Topics that I would like to discusse:
-The criminalization of Natural play
-A life of the senses: Nature vs. Ther know it all state of mind.
-The Genius of Childhood: How Nature Nurtures Creativity.
-Nature – Deficit Disorder and the Restorative environment.
III. Specific scholarly sources to be used (in APA style)
Cite a Book | APA Style | Scribbr Citation Generator
and This was my professor’s review—————————————————————-
The general topic is fine and Louv’s book is a good fit. As a specific object “nature” may be a bit broad- so perhaps you could focus on a particular object that you associate with nature and expand from there- trees or grass- which brings me to the questions to what extent are lawns “nature” as they are made of grass often maintained by industrial chemicals and machinery? You could also focus on and make a comparison with two kinds of play spaces- a “nature playground” vs “artificial playground.”

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