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Sociology Class: Analyze a norm-breaking activity from a television show or movie clip. Find a clip from a movie or television show to use as your norm-breaking activity example. Some examples of mo

July 19, 2022

4-2 Discussion: Farm-to-Table and the Triple Bottom Line

July 19, 2022


  • Explain the implications for leaders of the statement “We become most powerful when we give our own power away.”
  • How can leaders create a climate of trust and facilitate relationships among people in a work team? What can leaders do to show others that they are trustworthy?  What can they do to demonstrate that they trust others? Describe an example where you saw a leader enhanced trust, what specifically did they do.
  • What are some steps leaders can take to develop people’s competencies and foster their confidence? Do you think that everyone wants to develop themselves? 
  • What contributes to the nursing reputation that “We eat our young”? How can we change this team norm and create environments that support collaboration, cohesiveness, cooperation and sharing?

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