NUR 400 Week 10 Discussion

NUR 400 Week 10 Discussion


Step 1 Reflect on your proposed research question or problem of interest.

Quantitative Research Reflection

  • In your proposed study, what data collection instrument could you use and why?
  • What types of data would you expect to obtain?
  • What statistical analysis packages would best help you analyze your data?

Qualitative Research Reflection

  • In your proposed study, what data collection procedures could you use?
  • What data collection procedures are best suited to the proposed qualitative research?
  • What types of data would you expect to obtain?
  • What steps could you take to interpret your qualitative research findings?
NUR 400 Week 10 Discussion
NUR 400 Week 10 Discussion

Step 2 Post a response to the discussion board.

In your initial post, consider your proposed quantitative or qualitative study and respond to the following prompts:

  • Evaluate the statistical-analysis packages available for quantitative research. Which statistical-analysis packages would be most beneficial for the examination of quantitative data within your study?
  • What statistical calculations would you have the proposed statistical-analysis package calculate to help you interpret your findings and formulate conclusions?
  • Discuss the qualitative data-analysis procedures you would employ to analyze data and interpret the findings obtained in your proposed qualitative study.

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Rubric for a 60 Point Discussion
Per DCN Policy discussion main posts are due Wednesday before 11:59 PM MT and 2 peer responses are due Friday before 11:59 PM MT.




20 points possible












Engagement/Classroom Interaction

20 points possible

(One to two response posts, please refer to the week’s discussion for specific requirements)








10 points possible





10 points possible

Excellent Satisfactory Needs Improvement
Post demonstrates depth of understanding of course content; Addresses discussion prompt completely; offers clear point of view and detail

20-15 points

Post demonstrates adequate depth of understanding, but does not address all of discussion prompt; point of view is somewhat unclear and detail is limited

14-10 points

Post does not demonstrate depth of understanding of course content; Discussion prompt is minimally addressed; Point of

view is unclear and detail is


9-0 points

Submits required number of           response posts; Responses             extend the discussion by                 making connections, relating to     others’ ideas and adding supporting detail

20-15 points

Submits required number of             response posts; Some                      connections are made with

relevant explanation and detail

14-10 points

Responses are not submitted;   Responses are generic, limited,  do not extend the discussion or

add detail

9-0 points

Submits initial post by deadline 10 points Submits initial post one to three days late (after Wednesday) 4 points Submits initial post 4 days late

(after Sunday)

0 points

Posts have 0-1 spelling or grammatical errors; Properly Posts have 2-3 spelling or grammatical errors; Cites work Posts have 3 or more spelling or grammatical errors; Does not cite

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NUR 400 Week 10 Discussion

Various statistical packages are used to analyze quantitative data. Before using this software, the research is required to ensure that their data is clean so that it can be used in preprogrammed commands from the basic to advanced forms of statistical analysis. Besides, they offer useful visualization that helps to interpret data( Wagner,2019). The statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) will be used to analyze quantitative data in the proposed study.                                 The SPSS software is used to conduct quantitative analysis that is based on point and click interface. The software is designed that it can read and write data from statistical packages such as spreadsheets and databases (Ong & Puteh,2017).In determining the impact of the intervention, there will be a comparison of the incidences of hospital readmission before and after implementing follow up intervention. Therefore, the SPSS software will be used to calculate the incident rates. The cases of hospital readmission will be recorded in the electronic health records. The information on the number of patients who will register will be used to calculate the denominators.

Besides, the data that will be collected through the closed-ended questionnaires will be organized in a spreadsheet to be analyzed by the statistical software (Wagner, 2019).  The study further seeks to measure the perceptions of patients and healthcare providers. This is qualitative data, and it needs to be organized for analysis through theming. Interval scales will be used to measure the levels of perception and satisfaction levels of the participants. Moreover, the data will be organized in a spreadsheet to be analyzed by the SPSS software. These measures will ensure that the data is interpreted and conclusions generated.


Ong, M. H. A., & Puteh, F. (2017). Quantitative Data Analysis: Choosing Between SPSS, PLS, and AMOS in Social Science Research. International Interdisciplinary Journal of Scientific Research3(1), 14-25.

Wagner III, W. E. (2019). Using IBM® SPSS® statistics for research methods and social science statistics. Sage Publications.

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