O family history of illness

You must make up this patient, do not use a real person. MY DISEASE IS LUPUS
• Patient Initials – Do not provide your patient’s name because you will want to maintain patient confidentiality, but use his or her initials.
• Patient Social History discuss your patient’s social history in terms of the following:
o Family life
o Occupation
o Recreational aspects of their personal life
• Health History – Describe the health history of the patient in at least 200 words. Include the following information:
o Diagnosis – Discuss the diagnosis of your patient in detail.
o Patient’s chief complaint
o History of present illness
o Allergies
o Medications they are taking
o Past medical history
o Past surgical history
o Psychiatric history
o Family history of illness
• Provide the pathophysiology of the diagnosis in your own words (but include citations indicating where you read information).
• Provide information about the laboratory tests (where applicable) that would have been used to confirm the diagnosis.
• Provide information about radiological or other tests that would have used to confirm the diagnosis.
• Provide a summary that discusses what you learned from researching and writing this paper (in at least 100 words).
• Cite your sources and format your paper using the APA style guide.
• Use a minimum of three credible sources. These sources can be from evidence-based articles, peer-reviewed journals, and/or textbooks (via the online library).
• Reference page
This should be no more than 2-3 pages, there is a formatted APA template in your binders
20 points
20 points
30 points
15 points
15 points
This is due 4/24/2022 by 2000, you may turn it in earlier if you choose.
Choose your disease and place it in the discussion board. Only one person per disease, first come first serve.

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