Consider what critical components should be a part of these initiatives and how the public should be made aware of their existence. What role can you play in raising awareness and improving services in your own community?Discuss

Before we can begin to consider a new vision, we must explore the social injustices that are often embedded in even well-intended preventive and treatment initiatives. Based on what you have learned this term, what social injustices need to be…

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Is adaptation something that humans even have to worry about? Was fitness a part of the book or did it have a role in the evolution of the characters in the book? Do humans operate outside the laws of Natural Selection?Discuss

Paper assignments for Modes of Biological ThoughtPaper #2: (minimum five pages)In Chapter 7 of Book II, Leon tells his father, “But I’m learning so much about what life is really like, how it really works, what it’s really all about!”…

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