Java project

Objective: To be able to design a class by inheriting properties from another class. Problem Description: Given a robot that can collect unwanted newspapers from different locations, the idea is to design and program this very simple robot. Let’s call this robot…

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A sender needs to send the four data items Ox3456, OxABCC, Ox02BC, and OxEEEE. Answer the following: a. Find the checksum at the sender site. b. Find the checksum at the receiver site if there is no error. c. Find…

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Metamorphic relation

Consider a program which is designed to accept a non-empty list of integers as input. Theinput list may contain duplicated integers. This program is intended to output theelements of the input list in ascending order without duplication.For example, if the…

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Software development

Version management systems are a daily reality for the software development professional. On GitHub is apublic project named: TeachBen/CMP73010-assignment1-2020You are required to sign up to GitHub and then:1. Fork this project into your public space (1 mark)2. Modify the Word…

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Program work

Provided in the zip file for this prac are two java program files, and Import thejava code into a project in Eclipse. Do the following:a. Read the code in to get an understanding of what the code…

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Java source

Create a zip file which containsa. your Java source code file(s) for each of the four questions (the .java files are located in the src folder ofyour project)

Predatory hunting

Write a program that will predict the size of a koala population over time (years). The program should ask for thestarting number of koalas, their average annual population increase (as a percentage), and the number of years theywill multiply. For…

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Information of flights

For this assignment, you are requested to develop front-end and back-end pages for an application to store the information of flights. To start with, let’s define a flight. A flight is identified with the following information: Flight Number: Integer Flight…

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Magnetic field lines

A current of 2A flows in an infinite wire placed at z axis. Plot the magnetic field lines at z = 0 plane. If the current flows in a circular loop of radius 1mm on the z = 0 plane,…

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Vectors directions

Plot the heatmap of following function at 3 planes : x = 3 and z = 1. f(x,y,z) = (x^2)*(y^3)*z for -5< x,y,z < 5 Also plot the direction (3D) at which the function changes the most. (unit vectors directions)

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