Presentation should have about 5-15 slides (Minus cover, reference pages). Quali

Presentation should have about 5-15 slides (Minus cover, reference pages). Quality of PowerPoint presentation is part of grading. The Powerpoint is on Credit Karma. There is also a final paper that is to go with this powerpoint.
Audio Recording
Record a 10- to 20-minute presentation, explaining the content of each slide.
Your narration will be attached to each of your PowerPoint slides, which is commonly referred to as a Narrated PowerPoint.

Audio does not have to be attached to the title slide or references slide but is expected to be included for all of the other slides (introduction/overview, body slides, and conclusion).
The oral recording is not a repetition of the words on the powerpoint but an explanation of the slides (like slide notes)
How to Record Audio in a PowerPoint Slide
Open your PowerPoint Presentation.
Click on Insert at the top left corner of your presentation.
Click on Audio at the top-right corner of your presentation and select Record Audio.
To start recording, click on the recording button (the square with the red dot in the middle) and start talking.
To stop recording, click on the stop button (the square with the blue small square in the middle).
Move to the second slide and repeat the process explained in Steps 1 through 5. Make sure you save the file every time you complete the recording for each slide.
Possible Points
Presentation has five to fifteen slides.
Presentation has audio narration of 10 to 30 minutes total, with audio attached to each slide (other than the title slide and the references slide). And clearly explains the slides and not just restating the slide notes
Presentation has a clear organizational structure (title, overview, body, conclusion, references).
Text is well-written and concise. It was well organized and showed work was researched
Presentation contains visuals, such as charts, illustrations, photos, and so forth, that are used appropriately and properly cited. Cover page and references also provided and cited correctly
Total Points Earned

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