Program Evaluation Plan (10-15 pages, including references and attachments). 


Students are expected to apply all knowledge gained in past research courses and throughout this course to create a program evaluation plan for their current or past field agency.  This plan must include mixed methodology approach (at least one qualitative and one quantitative element in the design). 


***Please refer to your textbook and course modules on more information on surveys, client satisfaction, clinical measures, interviews, focus groups, etc. as possible design elements.  You must include a copy of your data collection instruments as attachments to the plan.***  


The grading rubric should be closely followed when developing and revising your plan.  Details must be given on why each of the methodology elements was selected. 


Please use the following format for your plan:  


1. A brief description of the program (including the mission) that you plan to evaluate including the population that is being served. If the program includes more than one intervention, select only one to evaluate. The goals, objectives, and activities used to implement the program or intervention (1 page);

2. Literature review- look at the literature on evaluation of similar programs.  (1-2 pages) What measures were used and what methodology was selected.  Back up your choices with what others have done. 

3. Methodology (2-3 pages).  Research Design, research questions, variables, instruments, recruitment and sampling, ethical protections (informed consent, risks and benefits, etc), strengths and limitations of the design (back up your statements from the literature), data collection, data analysis (remember that quantitative and qualitative data analysis use different procedures, you need to discuss both plans);

4. A logic model for your plan (1 page) (see text pages 122-127.  This logic model is specific to your evaluation plan.

5. Timeline for evaluation (1 page).

6. staffing plan (1 page) (who will do the evaluation- 1 person, more than 1 person, why?  If more than one person, what will the role of each person be in the evaluation process?)

7. budget for the evaluation plan (1 page).

8. References (1 page).

9. Attachments (instruments (2+ pages, etc).  

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