Sally works in the training section of Floyd & Associates.

Sally works in the training section of Floyd & Associates. She is in charge of delivering interpersonal skills training, including communication skills, networking, and new manager training seminars. At the end of each training seminar, attendees complete an evaluation form. Recently, Sally has been getting low ratings from attendees at the training seminars.

Question 1: What is your initial reaction to Sally’s underperformance? You decide to collect more information about Sally. You find out that she has been with Floyd & Associates for four years. She has qualifications in the design of a training session and has around five years of experience doing similar work at another organisation. Sally has also conducted research on what good communication consists of, how to network, and the training needs of new managers. You discover that there is a great deal of variability in the ratings in her training classes over the past four years at Floyd & Asscociates. In some training classes she gets very high ratings and in others, she gets much lower ones.

Question 2: What should you do now?

Question 3: What do you say to Sally?

Question 4: Why do you choose this approach?

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