Usage of Social media by SMEs
Assessment Structure: Report
Individual or Group: Group of 3
Learning outcomes assessed: This assessment task is designed to test your achievement of
learning outcomes 2, 3, 4 and 5
Word limit: 3000 words +/- 10%
Weighting: This assessment task contributes 30% to your final grade (25%+5%)
Due Date & Submission: This assessment is due by: 11.59 pm (AEST), 25/10/2018. This assessment
task must be submitted inside the Assessment 4 submission Turnitin link.
Task details: Your group’s task is to write a report on the broad topic of Social media use by SMEs (small
medium enterprises). It is important that you form the groups earlier to commence work by week 3.
To complete this task your group should compose a report entry of approximate 3000 words
weaving the main discussion points to
present an analytical discussion at a postgraduate level.
Your report will need to have in-text citation and relevant case studies to critically discuss issues
faced by SMEs in using social media.
Your report should include member’s name, Student ID, Title, ‘Body’ AND Conclusion. Not to
mention a reference list at the end of the report. The marker is looking for an in-depth analysis
with strong literature support.
It would be best to narrow your discussions to either one social
media platform or focus on only one type of industry. Your report should also be presented in
class Week 11/12. The presentation is worth 5% of your final assessment.
Traces of plagiarism will definitely give you give a very low score. You are encouraged to read and
review at least 20 academic journals (and conference) articles for this assignment.
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You must use the Harvard Referencing style throughout your assessment and include an accurate
reference list at the end of the assessment or as otherwise directed.
Submission Requirements
Assessments must be submitted via the Turnitin link.
Do not email the assessment to either the convener or tutor.
Keep a MS Word backup of your report submission. If your assessment goes astray,
whether your fault or ours, you will be required to re-produceit.
It is expected that all work submitted, will have been edited for spelling, grammar andclarity.
The word count does not include references or appendices.
Extensions and Late Submission
Please reread the section on Extensions and Late Submission that can be found in the Unit Outline.
Extension requests must be directed to the unit convener, using the
Application for an Extension for a
piece of Assessment
form. Late submission of an assessment will result in a late penalty being applied
as required by Swinburne University assessment guidelines.
Please reread the section on plagiarism that can be found in the Unit Outline. Any evidence of
plagiarism will result in a Fail. Collaborative discussion with other participants in the unit
around concepts and additional examples is highly recommended, but don’t copy.
Assessment Help
If you have any queries or concerns you may discuss it with the convenor and/or tutor in
class or by email.
Technical Help
Technical assistance can be obtained from the Swinburne Service Desk (03) 9214 5000.

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