What are some of the strengths of your speech?

Write a detailed response to each of the following six (6) questions in your personal notes:

What are some of the strengths of your speech? Explain.
Look through the comments left under your speech on the discussion board and the feedback given in my notes. Read ALL comments. What are some aspects you would change about this speech? How could you improve it? Were the sources used strong strong? How can you strengthen your speech? Be specific.
What are some things you would do differently as you prepare to revise this speech? Be specific.
Step Two: Now that you have reflected upon your speech, you are going to make the changes you think are necessary (based on ALL comments and your re-watching of your speech) to improve your speech. Your goal is to create a speech that demonstrates mastery. Once you have made the necessary changes, remember to upload a new recording to the appropriate place on the discussion board.

For this assignment, you will create a revised outline.

Make sure you read the full instructions for what should be in your speech in the “Revised Informative Speech” assignment. Then, complete your outline using the template provided below.

Once your revised outline is complete, submit as a word document using the submission process in this assignment page.


Formal Outline for Informative Speech

Introduction – Remember to greet the audience and tell them your name!

Develop a strategy to get audience’s attention (i.e. a story, quote, visual, question, shocking statement, etc.). Describe here:

Tell audience why you are credible – Are you an authority or worth listening to?

III. Audience Analysis Paragraph

State a Specific Purpose which will tell your audience why you are speaking to them and/or what the goal of your speech is.

Preview the main ideas or sub-points of your speech.






III. 3rd Subtopic:



Transition: Signals that your speech is coming to an end


Purpose Restatement
Main Point Summary:
III. Clincher or Closing strategy to connect to audience, i.e. story, example, question or quote.

Sources: Document the sources for this speech below (MLA Formatting required-see works cited page)

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