What classes will you have to take?

You will be researching how to get from where you are right now, to your future career.

What classes will you have to take? Are there certifications you must pass? Can you complete your education at GSU, or will you move to another college? Will you need to do an internship or gain other work experience while in college?

Make sure you are specific about your future career. Don’t say “I want to be a nurse” or “I want to be an engineer.” You must state the specific type of nursing or engineering you plan to pursue. The more specific your focus, the easier your research will be.

This is the first section of your research project, the introduction to your project. Any time you are writing an introduction, you must grab the attention and the imagination of the reader. This is your opportunity to let the skills you have learned in “Show Don’t Tell” shine, and make an impact.

Remember, this section MUST stand alone as a paper. It must include an introduction, body, and conclusion.

You should creatively introduce your project, transition into a discussion of what you want to know, how you mean to find the information, and what you think you will find out when your project is complete (your hypothesis). Finally, include a short conclusion that completes the paper.
What to Notice in this Model Paper
In the model paper above, please notice a few things that can help you make the first section of your iSearch strong.

The paper starts with a story. Although a story isn’t required, it is a good way to set up your paper because it makes it easy to conclude the paper. It also builds audience interest in the topic. You don’t have to start with exactly the same sort of story, but a story will help make Section 1 long enough and interesting enough to meet the requirements.
The paper uses the first-person, “I.” Make sure you capitalize “I” throughout.
The transition between the view of the future and the “meat” of this paper is accomplished with a space. You can also use transitional phrases or sentences.
The career is cleary indicated. There is no question what this student wants to do with her life. It is clearly stated, along with a context for why she chose that career, and some general information about why the career is important or significant.
There are no citations. This part of the paper is simply an introduction. Its purpose is to get the audience’s interest in the topic, set up the purpose of the paper, and introduce the hypothesis.
The research is laid out. It is clear where this student will look for information on her topic, and why she will look there.
The hypothesis is clear. She clearly states her hypothesis at the end of this paper. This is important to set up the third section, where she will explain whether or not her hypothesis was correct. Also note that the hypothesis is specific, “When I am done with the research project, I will be able to identify a school that offers a Data Visualization major in Georgia, and find out what classes I should take before I transfer into a program.” There should be a chance that the hypothesis will not come about. A general hypothesis will not leave enough to write about later.
This section is at least two all-the-way-to-the-bottom-of-the-page pages long. It is hard to make this section long enough, but if you keep going back and adding detail and descriiption, you can sufficiently develop this section.
2.(another comment) Your opening story is great, but a little long, EB. Can you condense it? Also, please include some details about what your research process will be. And you must end with a clear, specific hypothesis. Finally, there are many grammatical errors, so work with a tutor and fix those–very
Length: Write approximately 3 pages
Citations are required for this section
Components: Short introduction, the purpose of research, where or how you found the sources you used, what the sources said, how each source relates to your topic, and a short conclusion. Cite EVERY source, even if you paraphrased it.

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