What critical approaches do you see used in this paper?

Rough Draft Peer Review
Please provide your research paper rough draft as an initial post. Then provide feedback to at least 2 classmates. Your feedback should address the following items:
In a sentence or two, explain the topic of this paper.
What critical approaches do you see used in this paper?
What stands out to you as a strength in this paper?
Does the writer include an effective thesis?
Does the writer use evidence from the literature and secondary sources to support their main points?
Is the paper logically organized? Is the flow of ideas in the paper smooth? Are there places in the paper that need better paragraph organization or transitions? If so, where?
Do you notice any issues with grammar or spelling? (No need to correct errors, but you are welcome to give suggestions.)
Leave at least two suggestions for the writer to improve this paper.
Both Rough drafts are inlcuded in the file attached.





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