What do you think the key factors were that inspired Mubin Shaikh toward extremism?

Each discussion question requires a 250-275 word count.
Discussion Questions: What do you think the key factors were that inspired Mubin Shaikh toward extremism? This is the first case we have looked at that deals with a homegrown group (terrorist cell). In week 2 you read the Radicalization Puzzle by Hafez and Mullins (2015) who described one of the four key factors (‘pieces of the puzzle’) in their model is networks. What impacts do you see with regard to social networks, group dynamics, and other non-family associations for the Toronto 18?
Discussion Questions: Beyond just its capability for mass means of communications and spreading fear, what are all the different ways that terrorist groups and violent extremist organizations are able to employ the internet? If you think about the terrorist attack cycle and the need to recruit, train, fund, resource, reconnoiter, plan, rehearse, and execute a terrorist attack – which of these can be done in part or in whole on the internet? What are your thoughts on the internet and social media as it relates to impacts on extremism through networks and relationships as described by Archetti (2015) – her alternative communication based framework to explain radicalization?
Discussion Questions: Compare and contrast at least two counter-radicalization program. What are the similarities and differences between them? Which particular counter or de-radicalization program do you think is or would be the most effective when employed in North America for those already radicalized?
Discussion Questions: Describe the three thrusts or main points for CVE described in the article by Hadra (2016) titled a how-to on countering violent extremism when it comes to efforts here within North America. Which particular CVE approaches or programs described in the National Counter Terrorism Center “Countering Violent Extremism: A Guide for Practitioners and Analysts” do you think are or will be most effective when employed?





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