You are the Director of Adult Prisons for the State of Ohio. Gangs have negative

You are the Director of Adult Prisons for the State of Ohio. Gangs have negatively impacted many of your maximum security institutions, and violence has escalated. You would like to move all known gang members to one unit in one institution to limit their influence and decrease violence. However, this will involve several other agencies as you relocate prisoners, parole officers, and other treatment specialists. You are also faced with a new wave of politically supported reform toward rehabilitation and a renewed emphasis on due process for prisoners. Your wardens also disagree with this type of consolidation and have proposed smaller gang units within each prison in order to decrease the gang members’ interaction with one another.
To successfully complete the assignment, you are expected to read and study the key points and all assigned readings for this module. It is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the grading criteria provided. This criteria includes information on how your professor will grade your assignment. Ensure you cover all relevant information expected of you in the assignment. Use at least two outside reference sources to support your writing.
Action Items
Complete all required readings prior to working on this assignment.
Review the Interactive Criminal Justice System Model
(Links to an external site.)
Review the scenario in the Overview above and address the following questions:
Change: How do you plan for change?
Would you say, based upon this scenario and analysis, that we have a system or a non-system? Explain.
Systems and Bureaucratic Management: Which components apply to this scenario and how would you apply them for effective and efficient outcomes that move you toward your system’s purposes and goals?
Communication: As an Administrator, you will often be responsible for communicating to your employees and to your external constituents and stakeholders (think public, families, taxpayers, victims, etc). How and from/to whom do you solicit input and communicate both internally and externally to the public and media?
Leadership: Apply the Criminal Justice Systems Illustration to your leadership strategies.
Employee relations and leadership: Please apply concepts that are based upon text and discuss how you will motivate wardens.
Your response should be detailed and supported by at least three appropriate reference sources other than the course textbook.

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