Length: 1,250 words (excluding references) References list: APA 7 Learning outco

Length: 1,250 words (excluding references)

References list: APA 7

Learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the key institutional features of the globalising Chinese economy at the enterprise level.
  • Apply the conceptual tools of International Business Studies to the Chinese business environment.
  • Apply analytic skills to real-life management issues and communicate the results to a professional audience.
  • Demonstrate critical reflection on the link between institutions and management and how this link defines your ethical and social responsibility.

Assessment Description:

This assessment requires you to engage deeply with contemporary developments and debates within China’s market economy, exploring their implications for professional practices and analyses in the field of institutional economics and International Business studies. You are to select one topic from the two provided, each linked to two short foundational readings that reflect opposing viewpoints. Through critical engagement with these readings and your own additional research based on the Reading List, you will craft a critical reflection that interrogates the arguments, identifies gaps, and articulates your perspectives on institutional economics as it relates to the chosen topic.

The structure of critical reflection:

  • Introduction: briefly introduce the topic and outline the key points of discussion
  • Critical reflection: analysis of authors’ arguments and their contributions to the topic; areas of agreement or disagreement; evaluation of the articles’ limitations; any gaps or oversights compared to the foundational academic literature; critical reflection on the implications of these arguments; your thoughts on this matter; what makes you think/reflect in this way?
  • Conclusion: summarise your reflections and the insights gained from your critical analysis.