●      This assignment offers you the opportunity to express an understanding of

●      This assignment offers you the opportunity to express an understanding of the reading and to draw comparisons between readings and class discussion. Further it allows you to ask pertinent questions about the material. Students should closely read their selected article and write an 800–1000 word (around 3-4 pages, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins) assessment that discusses the following:
●      Explain the main idea or concept offered in the reading. 
●      Critically assess the reading under examination. That is, what did you learn? What surprised you about the reading? 
●      What are the arguments proffered by the authors? What is convincing about the arguments presented? What is not as convincing?
●      Find a current event and find a corresponding outside article and connect it to the main concepts from the readings. Cite this article in a works cited page with a link. 
●      Explain how, if you had the opportunity, you would conduct a study that was interested in similar questions. What data would you analyze? Why? 
●      Lastly, develop and describe at least four pertinent questions about the reading. For your questions you should:  
o      Ask for further clarity in reference to the main concepts.  
o      Think about potential flaws or inadequacies of the author’s ideas. 
o      Ask whether the author’s ideas might be used in explaining a different and/or original example. 
o      Investigate the logic of the author’s thinking and attempt to follow it to its logical conclusion.