A Population Health Improvement Plan.


The optional Evidence-Based Population Health Improvement Plan Presentation Template [PPTX] is provided to help you prepare your slides. If you choose to work without the template, consider referring to Creating a Presentation: A Guide to Writing and Speaking and Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations.

The suggested headings for your presentation are:

Community Data Evaluation.
Meeting Community Needs.
Measuring Outcomes.
Communication Plan.
Evaluate the environmental and epidemiological data about your community to determine a population-focused priority for care.
Identify the relevant data. This can be communicated in a table or chart.
Describe the major population health issue suggested by the data within your community.
Explain how environmental factors affect the health of community residents.
Identify the level of evidence, validity, and reliability for each source.
Explain what evidence in the current literature (published within the last five years) supports your evaluation of the data and the population focused priority of care you have selected.
Develop an ethical health improvement plan with outcome criteria that addresses the population health priority that you identified in your evaluation.
Consider the environmental realities and challenges existing in the community.
Include interventions that will meet community needs.
Address potential barriers or misunderstandings related to various cultures prevalent in the community.
Propose criteria that can be used to evaluate the achievement of the plan’s outcomes for your population health improvement.
Explain why your proposed criteria are appropriate and useful measures of success.
Explain a plan to collaborate with a specific community organization to support the implementation of the population health improvement in an ethical, culturally sensitive, and inclusive way.
Identify the community stakeholders that are relevant to your Population Health Improvement Plan.
Develop a clear communication strategy that is mindful of the cultural and ethical expectations of colleagues and community members regarding data privacy.
Ensure that your strategy enables you to make complex medical terms and concepts understandable to members of the community regardless of disabilities, language, or level of education.
Explain the value and relevance of the evidence and technology resources used as the basis of a population health improvement plan.
Explain why the evidence is valuable and relevant to the community health concern you are addressing.
Explain why each piece of evidence is appropriate and informs the goal of improving the health of the community.


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