Positive Teaching Strategies for Promoting Self-Esteem in Young Children

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Module 04 Content
As we implement several positive teaching strategies, we can prevent and diffuse challenging and unsocial behaviors. We model how children can behave to move them toward self-regulation. We celebrate their accomplishments and exercise patience as they move through this process at their rate. In determining which strategy will be most effective for an individual child or group of children in a particular situation, educators first need to meet young children at their development and then challenge them to reach achievable learning goals.
The 10 Positive Teaching Strategies espoused by NAEYC can help guide decision making in this area.
Give specific feedback
Create or add challenge
Ask questions
Give assistance
Provide information
Give directions
Develop a table in a document or slides (see below resources for additional guidance) that have the following five-column headings:
Number & Strategy
Implementation & Age Group
Promoting Self-Esteem
Example for Selected Age Group
Adaptation for Different Age Group
Next, select five out of the ten positive teaching strategies listed above, and for each strategy (see an example of the table below for additional guidance), complete the following:
Provide the number and strategy.
Explain how you would implement the selected strategy for the age group and how it will promote self-esteem.
Illustrate an example of an implementation for the selected strategy (and age group)       and an adaptation for a different age group.
Uses professional language and tone with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation in the table.
How do you create a table in Microsoft Word?
Are there tools to create tables, Smart Art,       shapes, charts, or diagrams?
EEC1970 Mod04 Table.pdf
10 Effective DAP Teaching       Strategies
School of Education Guide
Writing Guide

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