I need someone to help with with my cliff note project for my Life Span developm

I need someone to help with with my cliff note project for my Life Span development project due tonight.Project Requirements:

  • Each header must have at least 3 important, factual statements from your text book or 2 important, factual statements from the textbook & 1 original example of the concept
  • All your points should be 100% paraphrased in your own words. Do not copy anything directly from your text
  • All factual statements should be cited in APA format (7th edition) both in-text & on a reference page. You are only required to reference your book.
  • Make your statements as clean and concise as possible. Remember the point is to be quick but clear & thorough. It is not necessary to write in full sentences the entire assignment

Chapter 1:

  • Defining Development
  • Life Expectancy
  • Dimensions of the Life Span Perspective
  • Periods of Development & Issues Facing Age Groups
  • Freud Stages
  • Erikson’s stages

Chapter 2:

  • Genetic Foundations
  • How We Study Genetics
  • Biology of Development: Conception to Birth
  • Foundations of Heredity
  • Genetic-Epigenetic Interactions

Chapter 3:

  • Prenatal Development
  • Birth
  • The Postpartum Period

Chapter 4:

  • Patterns of Physical Growth
  • Brain Development & Methods of Measurement
  • Functionality of Brain Regions
  • Theories & Concepts Related to Motor Development

Chapter 5:

  • Concepts Related to Piaget’s Cognitive Developmental Theory for an Infant
  • Language Development: Theories, Foundational Vocabulary, & Related Brain Regions

Chapter 6:

  • Emotional & Temperament Development: Types & Key Character Traits
  • Caregiver Role in Temperament Development
  • Concepts Related to Attachment

Chapter 7:

  • Cognitive & Physical Effects of Brain Development in Early Childhood
  • Concepts Related to Piaget’s & Vygotsky’s Cognitive Developmental Theory in Early Childhood

Chapter 8:

  • Importance of Perspective Taking
  • Piagetian Morality
  • Concepts of Gender Development
  • Parenting Styles & Resulting Characteristics
  • Effects of the Working Parent on the Child
  • Importance of Play

Chapter 9:

  • Cognitive & Physical Effects of Brain Development in Mid-Late Childhood
  • Learning Disorders & Related Statistics
  • Changes in Types of Thinking: Metacognition & Language Development

Chapter 10:

  • Development of the ‘Self’
  • Development of Prosocial Behavior
  • Kohlberg’s Moral Development & Critiques
  • Moral Personality
  • Developing Autonomy
  • The Importance of Peer Relations