Assignment 1- (1 page) You will extend essay #3 into a research-based argumentat

Assignment 1- (1 page) You will extend essay #3 into a research-based argumentative paper. All reliable research involves evaluating and selecting credible sources of information and is conducted from some point of view or frame of reference. Select another relevant research-based article and briefly explain how and why it’s appropriate for the subject of your extended argument-based paper.  Use the information from this module to explain in detail. Write your thesis statement first. 
Assignment 2- (1 page) Expanding Essay#3 to a research-based, argumentative paper.
Attach a revised introductory paragraph, a working thesis statement, and a works cited page with 5-7 sources. 
Sources include: procon.orgLinks to an external site., pewresearch.orgLinks to an external site., outside reliable/credible media, two library database, and other…
Use the link below to locate at lest two sources from the library database that you will use in your research paper. They must be relevant to include in the content of your paper.
Library Resource GuidesLinks to an external site.
Sample Introductory Paragraph to a Research-Based Paper