You will be writing a research paper on the     Statue of Melpomene Muse of Trag

You will be writing a research paper on the     Statue of Melpomene Muse of Tragedy.   (Roman, after Greek model of 2nd            century BC) at The State Hermitage        Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. 
Find at least five sources of research       around this artwork and include this in a Works Cited or Bibliography page.  
There is a research component.  to this that extends beyond         viewing the work.  
Research should be referenced  and included in the paper.
Students should cite these           sources in a Works Cited or           Bibliography section and               reference this research                  throughout the paper. 
In addition to academic sources and      books, you may consider using                  additional art journals and museum        publications  that can include catalogs.  You may use an appropriate documentary on your subject, but I encourage more scholarly texts if possible. 
Describe the artwork using direct              reference to visual elements that include at least 4 vocabulary terms (see             attachment)
For example, students have         considered visual and formal      elements that may include, but  are not limited to the following:    line, color, pattern, texture,            volume, perspective, balance,    proportion, media, and                  technique, among other                 considerations.  
If possible, connect this to the     content of the work.  
Discuss associated artistic          movements or style.
Discuss the context of the artwork.  
Consider the social, political,        religious, and economic factors   that may have influenced the      artist (if known) and their work.
This may offer insight into why a work was created and takes the visual form that it has.
If relevant, discuss how an            artwork reflects or challenges      the ideals of a culture or society.
This research Paper length should be      between 4-5 pages in addition to the     Bibliography or Works Cited page.             Please included an image of the art              statue that the paper is about.