Report Part #3 – Implementing the Global Market Plan • Section 10: Import / Expo

Report Part #3 – Implementing the Global Market Plan
• Section 10: Import / Export – Discuss the competitive landscape for this company in the selected country. Discuss import/export strategies, and some of the challenges and risks they may encounter.
• Section 11: Marketing – Identify specific attributes and customer benefits for bringing this company’s products or services to this new location. Analyze distribution channels and intermediaries for global business operations. Suggest advertising messages, media and other promotional activities for an international enterprise. Recommend a global pricing strategy based on costs, market demand, competition, and economic environment.
• Section 12: Human Resources – Gather information on needed personnel for operating an international enterprise. Identify which country will provide the personnel, and discuss the implications, challenges, and benefits of hiring domestic and international workers.
Section 13: Final Analysis – Conclude with the overall challenges, risks, and benefits this company can expect to face with this expansion project, paying special attention to what you learned about the global business environment.
You have to use some of/all the theory that learned (attachment below)
The part 2 and part 1 are also attached below.
You just need to write the Sephora in KOREA ONLY.