Title: “The Role of Sources of Law in the Implementation of Contracts in Oman”

Task/assessment brief:
You must write the title of your paper. In each part of your coursework, the subheading must be correctly written. The authors or sources of all gathered facts which you included in your paper must be acknowledged or listed correctly as your references after your conclusion. A minimum of 5 reliable literature is a must. Proofread your paper to avoid errors in spelling and grammar. Your paper must contain 2,400 words. The correctness of your responses in the below tasks will be marked based on the marking scheme.
Tasks to do:
1. Title. On top of your paper, write the title of your coursework. You are free to formulate your own title; however, it must be suitable and appropriate to this coursework. In addition, the title of your coursework must be catchy to entice the interest of the readers. (10 words minimum)
2. Introduction. In this part, clearly discuss the meaning of the term law. Depict your personal viewpoint about the implementation of the laws in Oman related to contracts. Support your personal viewpoint with related and relevant literature. (1000 words)
3. Discussion.
A. Within the context of our discussion, there were five common sources of laws in modern society, namely: divine teaching, legislation, precedent, customs, and international agreements. Among the five given sources of law choose three and demonstrate through images indicating where do they originate. (1 image has the equivalent of 20 words; thus, 3 images X 20 words each = to 60 words)
Additional instructions: Write the number of words used, excluding references, at the end of your assignment. Provide the list of sources you used on the last page of your assignment with the proper label ‘References’. You may include diagrams, figures etc. without word penalty. The number of words will be + or – 10% of the total words allowed.
B. Below the images you demonstrated, discuss how does this source of law was accepted and applied in Oman. In addition, support your discussion with relevant theories and principles of legal philosophers. (930 words)
4. Conclusion. Organize the main points of your responses and highlight the significance of the sources of law in its implementation. (400 words)
Note: references should be from 2019 and ABOVE and not LESS the 5 References , and check the Pdf attached below
Requirements: 2400 words | .doc file

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