Re-read the article What to Do With Kids This Summer? Put ‘Em to Work.” by Ben S

Re-read the article What to Do With Kids This Summer? Put ‘Em to Work.” by Ben Sasse.
Re-read The Work You Do, the Person You Are by Toni Morrison.
Re-read Drowning in Dishes, but Finding a Home by Danial Adkison.
Carefully consider all of Sasse’s points as well as the opinions put forth by Morrison and Adkison. 
Compose a thesis statement for your essay that provides YOUR opinion on whether or not teenagers should get summer jobs.
Write the topic sentence for each of your three body paragraphs
Write an introductory paragraph that incorporates a quote that relates to your thesis statement.  DO NOT use a quote from any of the three articles provided. You will need to find one of your own. 
Make sure the quote is integrated into the paragraph using the three part source integration discussed in the fall.  
Put the Introductory paragraph and the topic sentences for the three body paragraphs in the correct order and format them using MLA formatting.
9. You are only required to do the introductory paragraph, follower with the 3 topic sentences as an outline for the next 3 paragraphs
You just read about how Ben Sasse feels teenagers should spend their summer vacations. As a teenager, what is your reaction to Sasse’s recommendations? How do you feel about his suggestions and assumptions? Do you mostly agree, mostly disagree, or agree with some parts but disagree with others? Over the next few days you will compose an introductory paragraph, thesis statements and topic sentences for an argument essay that defends challenges, or qualifies Sasse’s overall claim that summer employment is the best way to build self-reliance among teenagers. Your position should be based on evidence from personal experience, and evidence from all three essays.