Assignment 1: Think about the ways that research in the health sciences has bene

Assignment 1:

Think about the ways that research in the health sciences has benefitted your own health (or someone else’s) and the ways that future health research could help other individuals and communities become healthier. 

Write reflectively about your experiences and hopes related to the research process and research outcomes.

Your submission should include 1 evidence-based citation (not WebMD or wikipedia).

Assignment 2:

In healthcare, there are three levels of prevention used to address disease at different states of progression. This preventative concept is also used in dental hygiene and dentistry. The three stages of prevention are:

  1. Primary prevention– protective actions for people before the disease occurs- these are broad solutions, such as vaccination of all children under age 1 against polio and pertussis. 
  2. Secondary Prevention– think screening for a disease, with the goal of detecting a disease early. In secondary the disease has occurred, but it is in an early stage, so the goal is to prevent it from advancing.
  3. Tertiary Prevention– the disease has occurred, so now we want to reduce pain, perform surgery, and rehabilitate patients to reduce impairment.



Please provide an oral health example for each level of prevention. In your opinion, in which level/levels of does the dental hygienist focus? 

This assignment is for a discussion post. Shouldn’t be long at all. Short and concise.

Don’t forget references for both assignments.