Assignment 3: Tree of Life Part 1 (Tree of Life Activity created by Ncazelo Ncub

Assignment 3: Tree of Life Part 1 (Tree of Life Activity created by Ncazelo Ncube-Mlilo)
The Tree of Life Assignment will occur in four parts. This assignment is the first part. The
other three will happen when we are able to gather in person for the Fall section of
Thepretical Perspectives & Practice in Social Work.
The first part involves you drawing a tree. You will need paper, colorful pens and crayons for
your tree drawing.
1. Begin by reviewing and reflecting on the parts of your tree.
• o Roots of your tree: represent where you come from, family history, your origins, family
name, ancestry etc
• o Ground of your tree: represents where your live, with whom you live with, what you like to
do when you are at home, favourite place or hang out at home, favourite song or dance
• o Trunk of you tree: represents the things you are good at, talents, the things that people tell
you are good at, special skills like caring for others, helping around at home, encouraging others etc
• o Leaves of your tree: represent the most important people in your life. These could be people
who have supported you, provided love and encouragement and have been supportive of you in
different ways
• o Branches of your tree: represent your hopes, dreams, wishes and aspirations. This could be
both about the near and distant future
• o Fruits of your tree: represent the gifts that you have been given by others that have been
helpful in your life. These do not need to be just tangible or physical gifts but they could include gifts of
kindness, care, support, life skills taught or passed down to you etc
2. Draw your tree including the above listed parts (Roots, Ground, Trunk, leaves, Branches, Fruits)
3. Take a Picture
4. Write some notes about how you would explain your tree to others
The elements of my tree 
Roots- I’m Africian Nova Scotian, fro the Communities of black Cherry Brook and North Preston . My Mother’s last name is Bundy and my Father’s is Downey. 
Ground of your tree- I life with my Husband (Owen) and our 5 children (Ayden, Imani, Aria< Nylah, Ethan) We love to sing, create music today, cook. My favorite place to hang out at home is in my bedroom, our favorite song is “How great is our God”, We love to do the “New jack swing dance”
Tree Trunk- Things I’m good at: dancing, singing, cooking, encouraging others, listening, talking, giving gifts, doing acts of service 
Leaves- most important people in my life- God, My family, My Husband, 5 children, My friends, My church, Julie, My pastor, My Mother, Tanya Husdon, Karen Hudson 
Branches- TO become a social worker, specialize in truma and grief, Have my own practice one day, obtain my masters, travel with my family, buy a house 
Fruits of the tree- Support from my village,  scholarships, Educational support, mentorship, love, friendship