Assignment Instructions: Putting it all together, you will develop your presenta

Assignment Instructions: Putting it all together, you will develop your presentation based on the work you submitted for all of the steps to date as well as the instructor feedback you were given.

**Please read through all of the information here and reach out if you have any questions!

Final Presentation requirements:

Your presentation will be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation.

Your presentation must contain approximately 10-15 slides and a minimum of 5 visual elements (e.g., photos, videos, graphs, figures).

Text is organized using concise phrases typed on each slide (no paragraphs) and properly cited.

In order to expand on information you can either use the notes section to type out your own words in how you would present the information OR you can do audio-narration, narrated by you, the student. You cannot use “text-to-speech” programs or technologies that do the narration for you unless noted as an approved accommodation in a current DSA letter you have furnished to me. For instructions on how to create audio narration in PowerPoint, see the following link: Record a Slide Show With Narration. Narration should be no more than 10 minutes.
Work that is improperly cited and referenced or lacking either proper in-text citations or references may not be accepted for credit.

Your presentation will follow the same format/sequence as your outline and should include the following (please title each slide accordingly):

Title slide – Include your name, date, class name, instructor name, and project title.
Introduction (3-4 slides)
Solutions (3-4 slides)
Conclusion (2-3 slides)
A sample PPT presentation has been added for you. Feel free to use this as a template for your own presentation. PPT designer was used for this example and includes many different styles. Choose one that suits you. SCIN140 Presentation Example.pdf

*Writing Expectations: Apply scientific concepts and use scientific terminology correctly. Utilize proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.