Case Brief: Marvin v. Marvin

Draft a Case Brief on the Marvin v. Marvin case. It should be typed and single spaced, using normal 12 point Times New Roman or other similar font. Students emailed themselves the case in class. If you did not receive it or email it to yourself, it is attached to this email.
Use your book that has an explanation on case brief elements (pgs 122-124). Your Case Brief should include the following sections:
1) Citation & Caption (with the title of the case/parties & the case citation); 
2) Facts – should be at least 1-2 really substantive paragraphs summarizing the facts of all 4 cases or just one case (Note: Substantive Paragraph = at least 10 lines)
3) Issue(s) – should be written as a question or questions. It is the question(s) presented/the legal question(s) presented/issues of the case. You can have more than one Issue statement (but not more than two).
4) Holding(s) – answers Yes or No to the Issue(s) and then gives a statement of the court’s holding on that particular Issue.
5) Rationale/Reasoning – at least 2 substantive paragraphs, in which you explain how the court came to the conclusion it did/how it reached its decision. What analysis did the court use to reach its decision – what was their reasons.
(Note: Substantive Paragraph = at least 10 lines, so here you need to have at least 20 lines to get an A)

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