“Empowering Communities through Service: A Geography Project Plan”

The Geography Project Plan is a research paper and a capstone assignment whereby you will 
apply geographic and research skills toward solving a real problem. 
Choose a service project at an accessible location where you have an interest and passion for 
making a difference. The project must be feasible in scale and scope for a student’s time and 
budget. Choose a specific location rather than a grand-scale project like ending world hunger. 
Your plan must be 1,000–1,250 words, use Times New Roman 12-point font with 1-inch 
margins, include a cover page, the required sections (shown below), a reference page, a map, and 
a realistic budget. Cite at least five scholarly sources (other than Scripture, the textbook, and 
Wikipedia) in current APA format 
Please see the detailed attached instructions regarding the assignment as there is more to this than just writing a paper as it has a map and a budget also. 
If the price needs to change I understand just let me know as I know there is some details to this one. I have also attached rubric. 
Please make sure evrything is in the final copy from the requirements in the instructions. 

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