Exploring My Personality and Values: A Mind Map

Complete the evaluation in the Activity link of the Personality and Values chapter in the textbook to see how you score on the big five personality factors.
First, use the AWATO tool to complete the three assessments: Interests, Inclinations, and Values. Then, download and review your assessment results.
1.Create a mind map with what you learned about yourself from the assessments. Include other personality traits, skills, and interests you may have learned about through your review of the module resources and self-reflection. Add images and words to your mind map that represent your strengths or interests. There are a variety of ways to create this mind map. For example, you might use a document or Microsoft Visio, or you can use an online tool such as Coggle, draw.io, or Padlet.
2.Use the Export or Save As features of the tool to convert your mind map to a PDF file.

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