Instructions for Final Assignment Due Date: May 24, 2023 The final project consi

for Final Assignment
Due Date: May 24, 2023
final project consists of two (2) parts, 
Create an infographic on a course
theme of your choice.
Write a 600-800 word paper to
explain the infographic.
The goal is to present
information/knowledge through the use of an infographic that represents a
topic/theme that we have covered in class.
Be creative, submit your own
original work
Do not use other posters from online,
you will fail the course. 
is an infographic?
An infographic is a
graphic visual presentation that can include data, images, and words to present
a topic. Think about this assignment as if you are creating a poster based on a
course theme that you want to write about.
1. course theme: Chicanx/Latinx
Mobilization; Infographic: focus on civil rights movements
2. course theme: Chicanx/Latinx
contributions to U.S. society; Infographic: Harlem Renaissance
Choose a course theme that you
would like for your infographic to cover.
You can choose a topic, event,
concept, theory, organization, or person that we discussed in class to
discuss the course theme you want to address in your infographic.
Think about what you want to
include in your “digital poster.”
should you include in your paper?
For your paper, you
want to explain your infographic, highlight the course theme that your
infographic addresses, and share why you selected the theme you are discussing.
You must include at least 3 pieces of
evidence from the course material Your infographic should help the
reader understand/learn/become more aware of the theme you selected. Also,
demonstrate your use of theories and/or concepts that we have learned in class
to explain your infographic. Show that you have mastered the course theme you
decided to write about.
Think about the course theme you
want your infographic to cover.
Reflect on what you want your
message to be in your infographic.
You could use a PowerPoint slide
or to create your infographic.
What images would you like to use?
Charts? Quotes? Facts? Concepts? Theories? Terms?
Your infographic can be about a
particular era, person, event, movement, social problem, or timeline about
a particular topic.
of different forms/templates to create an infographic: